New air mattress for rise and recliners targets leading providers

MST MicroCell Recliner Companion 2019 Booklet A5-1

A UK-manufacturer is looking to impress trade providers at the upcoming National Association of Equipment Providers’ (NAEP) conference with its new air mattress, designed especially for rise and recliners.

The ultrathin Microcell Companion, made up of 70 air cells, has been designed and manufactured in the UK with the aim of reducing the risk of pressure ulcers in people who tend to use recliner chairs as beds for long periods of time.

MediSmart Technologies manufactures a range of pressure care systems and said that the Microcell Companion launched with positive feedback from the industry.

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The product comprises of a very slim alternating air mattress with an easy-to-use pump to retro fit onto any recliner chair.

MediSmart’s sales director, David Beavis, said: “Although I realise that it is not encouraged that users use recliner chairs in a supine position as beds, the facts is that many do and therefore are not always on the appropriate support surface as they would have in a profiling bed.

“This has encouraged the need to manufacture such a comfortable system.

“The benefit to the user is that the ultrathin microcells means that the height of the chair is not compromised and that it can fit easily fit onto the recliner chair with the integral straps provided. We have also been asked to manufacture both full size and two thirds options”.

MediSmart was set up as a sister company in May 2017 to the MJS Group, established over 37 years ago, with the intention of developing systems within the pressure care arena.

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