Nebulae Smart Chair projected to be ‘multi-billion dollar disruptor’

Nebulae Global

A new wheelchair design from Nebulae Global is projected to be a ‘multi billion dollar disruptor’ according to a statement released by the company.

The patented product is in the proof-of-concept stage of design, with Nebulae claiming it offers mobility features not usually found in similar products.

More specifically The Smart Chair was developed to achieve current modalities of manual and electric wheelchairs, the company said, in addition to offering full range motion, including lowering users on to and off of the floor.

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Wanda Spence, CEO, commented: “Although our motivation is not just profit, investors can feel confident our device will be profitable.

“We’ve invested time and resources in making sure our technology works and is attractive to those desiring more independence as a result of their particular mobility issue.

“Also, advocates should understand that The Smart Chair will be green and not negatively add to our current climate issues.”

Nebulae Global has a goal of raising between $2 million and $5 million (£1.4-3.5 million) in capital to further develop and launch The Smart Chair.

Meanwhile, Stephen R McDow, executive vice president of strategy, added: “Proof-of-concept says the chair is feasible and can be further developed.

“It’s not ‘pie-in-the-sky’ thinking; rather, an empirically proven and science-based idea birthed from a very personal experience Wanda had.

“This is America and our desire to lead wheelchair innovation globally means millions of individuals with mobility issues will obtain greater equity in their daily living.”

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