National recognition for woman’s mission to improve mobility aid usage


A mission to improve mobility aid usage on behalf of people using their bicycle as an essential mobility aid has gained national recognition.

A report from the Chester Standard explained how Eileen Morgan, the inclusive cycling officer for the Chester Cycling Campaign, has a rare spinal condition called diastematomyelia.

It means she is dependent on wheeled transport for all of her mobility requirements outside her home.

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The local news source went on to detail how after trying an electric bike for the first time five years ago, it gave her a new sense of freedom and opportunity which began her three-year search for the perfect bike to suit her specific needs.

Morgan explained: “Cycling is one of the few activities that keeps me fit without giving me severe discomfort. I can cycle for much longer than I can sit in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. I just love the wonderful feeling of freedom that it gives me.”

Using her experience, Morgan has worked with Sustrans, the national cycling and walking charity, to play a role in launching the ‘Raise the Bar appeal’ to help remove or redesign restrictive barriers on Sustrans routes across the country.

The work has outlines a number of local priority areas for improvement and led to some modifications to enable easy access for cycles, wheelchairs, buggies and mobility scooters.

Cheshire Standard confirmed that the success of the work gained national recognition in a virtual social chat held in London by ‘Wheels for Wellbeing’ to review the opportunity to promote electric bikes as mobility aids.

Emma Budgen, session manager and development officer for Wheels for Wellbeing, commented: “Eileen describes her bike as her mobility aid with such practical passion. She is a wonderful advocate for our flagship campaign ‘My Cycle, My Mobility Aid’, in which we are campaigning for legal recognition of a cycles as a mobility aid.”

Adding: “Eileen’s input to the virtual meeting highlighted the practical issues involved in choosing an e-bike and importance of finding the one that best suits individual needs.”

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