NAIDEX PREVIEW: Meet our pick of the most exciting kit on show

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Invacare, stand 13240

Designed by a leader in power add-on drives, the Alber e-pilot transforms a manual wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps, offering customers a choice to use their manual chair as standard, or to attach the e-pilot allowing them to go further and faster. Long or short journeys, the large lithium-ion battery pack gives consumers maximum flexibility with more range, up to 50km. It also gives end-users the ability to master everyday obstacles such as kerbs or cobblestones with the strong, large front wheel and powerful drive. With the Mobility Plus Package and app, consumers can get to their destination quickly and efficiently with a range of useful features.

John Preston Healthcare, stand 8180

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The suite of products on John Preston Healthcare’s stand includes one of the most advanced folding travel scooter on the market — the ATTO, from manufacturer Moving Life. This modern and contemporary scooter folds to the size of a luggage case in a few seconds and splits apart just as quickly — meaning the heaviest part lifted by the user is just 16kg. It comes with an airline approval certificate and could help open up a whole new customer base to any UK based mobility business. It is designed to be ideal for those who just struggle with their mobility and want to travel by plane, bus, train or coach.

Sunrise Medical, stand 13134

Sunrise is exhibiting a wide range of advanced mobility products at Naidex this year. Among its equipment is the new Quickie Salsa Q100, designed to be ultra-compact and for everyday performance. It features smart base technology — a testing method used to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, creating a precision-measured indoor/outdoor powerchair. It has an ultra-slim base width at 540mm and a turning circle of 1580mm. Simple, intuitive controls allow for a drive that‘s made for the twists and turns of everyday life. Its dimensions have been carefully calculated to deliver the very-best traction and stability outdoors.

TGA Mobility, stand 9240

As the official test track sponsor, TGA is inviting all existing and potential dealers to experience its products at Naidex. Enhanced for 2018, the Naidex Mobility Test Track offers the opportunity to put TGA scooters through their paces around a varied and challenging course. This will include ramps, road crossings and street furniture — all designed to replicate situations that scooter and powerchair users may face. By test driving TGA scooters, dealers will not only be able to appreciate product quality, but will better understand the unique benefits of each model. This aims to provide invaluable insight for dealers so more accurate advice can be given to their customers.

Stanley Mobility, stand 3180

Many important environments such as hospitals, residential homes and high story buildings depend heavily on lifts for transporting people and goods, but what happens if that lift breaks down? That’s where Stanley Mobility comes in. It provides a specialist range of stair climbing equipment suitable for both businesses and domestic households alike, offering an alternative mobility solution for lift breakdowns and emergency evacuations for the less-able bodied.

Monarch Mobility, stand 8150

Monarch Mobility is returning to Naidex with a range of modern mobility scooters. Among its portfolio is the electronically folding Monarch Smarti scooter; its most popular and highly-rated mobility scooter. Designed to remove all the effort of a manually folding scooter, the remote-controlled modern model claims to have changed the lives of many of Monarch’s customers. The low-wide design aims to give every user security and comfort and the scooter can tackle difficult terrain with ease. The advanced delta bar control system as well as the speed dial function gives the user full control and stability wherever they choose to go. It weighs only 23kg, has a carrier weight of 21 stone and a top speed of 4mph.

wheelAIR, stand 9138

This will be wheelAIR’s first year at Naidex, showcasing what is hopes will prove one of the most innovative new pieces of assistive tech on the market for manual wheelchair users — its battery-powered airflow back-rest cushion. It has been carefully designed to be cooling and more supportive. Through a combination of function and stylish design, users have experienced a drop in both back and core temperature, heavily reducing effects of overheating. Visitors will have the chance to test the cooling power of the wheelAIR with a unique temperature related interactive activity on its stand. There will also be the opportunity to chat to brand ambassador, double Paralympian Michael Kerr.

Salli Systems, stand 3182

Scandinavian supplier Salli Systems will be showing its Saddle Chairs at Naidex which it claims to be the “healthiest way to sit”. Because of the gap in the seat it is possible to maintain a good posture throughout the day: there is no uncomfortable pressure in the genital area and thus no need to round the back away from the pressure. The dynamic seats of Salli Swing models help users to avoid the risks of immobility as they follow the user’s movements and help them to be active while sitting. If sitting is problematic because of pains Salli can be a less painful, or even painless, option, it claims.

Ardoo Portable Hoists, stand 13126

The Ardoo 140 Hoist/StandAid Combo, weighing only 23kg, claims to be the lightest folding multiuse hoist available. Designed and manufactured by Ardoo Caresafe Limited, it has strong sales and is currently exported throughout, Europe, USA, India and Australia. Its unique front lifting boom facilitates safe placement in the front or rear seats of a vehicle and its small footprint allows use in restricted spaces. The hoist folds easily to fit in the boot of a car and can be taken in the hold of an aircraft. A simple hook-on footplate converts the hoist to StandAid in seconds with no tools required.

Eyesynth, stand 9160

Eyesynth is an audiovisual system for the blind and visually impaired. It consists of a pair of glasses connected to a microcomputer. The system records the surrounding environment in three dimensions. Then, the collected data is converted into understandable audio for the user, which allows them to identify the position of objects and obstacles, as well as their size and shape, with unprecedented accuracy. The audio signals are nonverbal and abstract, so it is a universal product in terms of language.

SoftWheel, stand 9130

Comfort is a top priority for manual wheelchair users who spend most of their day in a wheelchair and SoftWheel has a built-in suspension system that gives users a smoother, more comfortable ride. With innovative technology and advanced engineering, the suspension system activates only when the user need it. It absorbs shocks and vibrations and claims to provide “extraordinary stability and rigidity”, which can help lessen pain and fatigue. The suspension arms and hub shift to absorb the shock when an obstacle is encountered, and then immediately return to the centre of the wheel, providing a superior rider experience on all terrains.

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