Motability has ‘raised the bar’ for dealers in the mobility industry


The standards instilled by the Motability Scheme have raised standards among businesses across the mobility industry as they strive to match the level of quality and care demanded by the charity.

That’s according to Motus Medical, which believes the market has benefited from the high standards set.

Speaking to AMP at Motability’s Big Event, Richard Bate, operations manager at Motus, said that the very high standards impact well on businesses and that Motability can be a driving force for any dealer.

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“For the market as a whole it’s set a decent standard for everyone, which is needed in this industry. You’ve got a lot of, I don’t want to say cowboys, but you have a lot of these small dealerships that are abusing the position that they’re in. And this market absolutely needs that level of care and service otherwise you shouldn’t be in the industry.”

Bate added: “Anything can be abused really so it does need to be regulated and have standards set. And it’s bodies like Motability, BHTA, that are really setting these standards for everyone to make the market a fairer place for us to compete in, and for the end user because that’s the most important thing.”

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