Motability partners with Designability on accessible EV charging project

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Motability has partnered with fellow disability charity Designability on a project to make electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure accessible for people living with disabilities.

Lack of accessibility to EV charging points was highlighted as a key problem during Motability research into understanding the challenges disabled people face when using private and public transport.

Catherine Marris, Innovation Lead at Motability, said: “Our research has found that current EV charging points have not been designed with the needs of people living with disabilities in mind and it’s imperative that they’re included in this future shift. Given the high cost of retrofitting major infrastructure, there is a robust commercial and social case for building in accessibility now to ensure that the transition is inclusive for everyone.

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“We have joined forces with Designability as their objectives align closely to our own and they’re experts in the field of user centred design and product creation to increase independence for disabled people. As a world leading project, we are determined to work towards ensuring that future charging infrastructure is inclusive and accessible for anyone living with disabilities.

“One of our charity’s key priorities is to work with industry and Government to amplify the voices of disabled people in the transport system and innovate solutions to charge point accessibility challenges. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.”

In the race to ensure the UK is inclusive by 2030, Motability has awarded grant funding to Designability, and the two charities are working together to further understand the challenges disabled people face and explore possible solutions to increase the accessibility of EV charging infrastructure.

The experience, shared knowledge and expertise of Designability’s researchers, product designers and engineers will be invaluable in achieving the project’s aims – to provide an understanding for industry and Government of what accessibility means and what best practice could look like for EV charge points.

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