More than half of Brits ‘haven’t considered’ how they’d pay for care


More than half of the British public have never considered how they would pay for their care as they grow older, a new report has found.

Research by Engage Britain found that 60% haven’t thought about how they would pay for their care, including 47% of those aged 55 and over.

This is despite just 40% of Brits believing that a member of their family would receive publicly-funded care.

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The survey was conducted on 2,488 UK adults from September 3-8.

It also found that female respondents are most against the idea of a family member moving into a publicly-funded care home, with over a third (34%) stating they would not be comfortable with this, compared to just 24% of men.

And most Brits don’t fully understand that care might not be free if a family member develops dementia.

The survey found that three in five (59%) of respondents either believe they would get free care or are “not sure” whether free care would be provided.

Engage Britain director Julian McCrae said: “Our polling suggests that many of us haven’t yet given thought to financing our care in old age, but given that three in five of us either don’t believe family members are entitled to publicly funded care or are not sure, it’s definitely worth giving the issue some thought. We’ve also found that many people don’t currently know or feel sure about how care is provided or funded in general.

“Providing suitable care in old age is a deeply personal decision, and there is no right answer for how to handle it. The findings suggest we do care deeply about issues facing the health and care sector, but perhaps our main priorities are for the more immediate term.”

HCI reported last week that the British public wants to see improvements in pay and working conditions for NHS and social care staff before addressing their own personal healthcare needs, such as reducing wait times.

When asked by Engage Britain to list their top three priorities for health and care, almost two fifths (39%) state that improving pay and conditions for healthcare workers is among the most important.

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