Mobility scooter user takes on crashing sea on Northumberland coast


A mobility scooter rider and a woman were seen taking on high waves on the Northumberland coast.

A report from the Northumberland Gazette detailed how a member of the public had spotted the duo over the weekend.

They alerted the Amble Coastguard Rescue team on Sunday evening which went out on patrol to see if they could spot the couple.

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According to the Northumberland Gazette report, Geoff Barrett, station officer, said: “Team members who were carrying out a mutual aid patrol were alerted at approximately 6.45pm by a concerned member of the public after taking photographs of a person riding a mobility scooter through breaking waves on the South Pier breakwater at Amble.

“The team, who were diverted from their patrol, arrived on scene shortly after being notified and carried out a rapid search of the immediate area, though found no sign of the person who had thankfully made it safely past the breaking waves.

“However, while the team were on scene they observed another person attempting to dodge the waves along the same section of the breakwater.

“A member from the team offered some safety advice. We urge people to show some consideration towards their own safety whilst out exercising.”

The caller had taken pictures of the incident, leading the team to say: “We cannot stress how much danger that this person was in and how lucky they were to escape being washed into the sea.”

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