‘Mobility scooter speed restrictions needed’, says husband of injured wife


A man has said he would like to see a speed restriction enforced on mobility scooters after his elderly wife was badly hurt in a hit-and-run incident involving the equipment.

86-year-old husband John was with his wide Joy in Eastgate Shopping Centre when a man riding a scooter collided with the woman, leaving her with deep lacerations and ‘covered in blood’, according to reports.

John told a local newspaper that when he found his wife there was “blood everywhere”. He told Essex Live: “They hit her with the scooter and lacerated her right leg, and I’m talking about lacerated. I tell you what it’s horrendous.”

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Joy was taken to hospital when the incident happened a month ago but she is now on morphine three times a day and has to go back to hospital every week for around eight weeks.

According to reports, witnesses said the scooter driver did not stop to apologise or check on Joy. John said the fact the driver did not stop has upset him.

He told the newspaper: “Her legs in such a state, it really is. They said they got of their scooter, had a look, hopped back on the scooter and went off. Didn’t even say sorry or nothing.

“If they’d have stopped and apologised, it would have been something but to just jump on the scooter and drive off, that really got to me.”

While John does not want mobility scooters to be banned from the shopping centre because they can be a ‘God-send’, he wants to see a speed restriction introduced.

 “Mobility scooters are good for people who really need them, there’s no two ways about it. But there’s a lot of people who don’t know how to use them; this is the top and bottom of it all.”

Class three scooters are restricted by manufactures to 8mph while class twos are currently limited to 4mph.

However, there is growing concern around how scooters are driven and whether drivers have had training or a thorough assessment to make sure they are using an appropriate piece of equipment for their needs and capabilities.

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