Mobility scooter scam victim on verge of securing refund

A Surrey-based animal behaviour expert is on the verge of securing a refund after she fell short of an international mobility scooter scam last month.

The news comes after Crusader first sent out an alert last summer to which the Daily Express received a number of emails from around the world who had paid money but not received anything.

In a report today, the paper details how Lu Candy, founder of Scrambles Dog Training School in Walton-on-Thames had seen how a scooter had helped a friend and thought it could be a good back-up for her busy lifestyle.

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After some browsing, Candy was approached by a seller through Facebook and after seeing the model’s price at £108.66, she paid.

Speaking to the Express, she said: “I got an email back confirming the purchase and saying that they would be in touch when it was being despatched. But then it all went quiet and there was no more contact.”

The transaction, according to Lu, showed links to a website offering mobility equipment that lists its address as Jinshan District, Shanghai, China.

Candy paid with her bank debit card which, although less comprehensive in terms of consumer protection compared to a credit card and is not a legal right but at the discretion of card companies, does enable chargebacks to be staged when a consumer does not receive the goods they paid for.

Candy said was eligible and Barclays fortunately stepped in and has now been refunded temporarily while time is allowed for the merchant to respond.

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