‘Mobility scooter driving test could have saved user’s life’

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Driving tests for mobility scooter users should be introduced and could have saved the life of one user killed in a scooter incident.

That’s according to the family of a woman who was killed in July when she fell off her scooter after “turning sharply” on a pavement and became unsteady, an inquest has heard.   

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Karen Logan, daughter of Eileen Fieldsend, who suffered “traumatic brain injuries”, said that there should be a mobility scooter driving test to expose users to different situations, according to a local newspaper present at the inquest.

According to Derbyshire Live she said: “It’s like when you do a test in a car, you are shown different scenarios. You should go out and experience a few different environments. It’s common sense.”

“I think people would be much more aware when they were driving the vehicles – they would have better control of them and be able to deal with a wide range of scenarios.”

“If she had a seatbelt on she wouldn’t have been flipped out. If she had to wear a helmet she wouldn’t have suffered a traumatic brain injury.”

She added: “There’s a strong possibility that mum would still be here if there was a driving test and regulations on safety equipment.”

Assistant coroner, Louise Pinder, ruled that Mrs Fieldsend’s death had been accidental and told the inquest that she “turned sharply to the left on a relatively steep slope as a result of which she became unsteady and fell off the scooter”.

In July, Ms Pinder wrote to Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, urging a change in legislation that would restrict who can buy mobility scooters after three local deaths involving the equipment.

Speaking at an inquest into the death of a man with Alzheimer’s who was killed after a collision on his mobility scooter in 2017, Ms Pinder called for measures to assess a customer’s fitness to operate scooters before they can purchase one.

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