Mobility scooter drink-drivers can’t be disqualified as they do not require a licence

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A court in Northern Ireland has been unable to stop a drink-driving mobility scooter-user from riding his scooter in public as they do not require a license.

The 70-year-old scooter-user had been seen by police officers appearing to drive with poor control and he later admitted to riding his mobility vehicle while drunk.

A breathalyser test confirmed the man was driving with 50mcg of alcohol in his system, which is over the driving limit.

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In Dungannon Magistrates Court this week, a solicitor defending the scooter-user said that her client is reliant on his scooter for socialising and that he suffers from ill health.

District Judge John Meehan told the court that the man concerned had a record of drink-driving, according to a report from the Belfast Telegraph.

The judge said: “There is a 10-year disqualification on record after a long record of multiple episodes of drink-driving.”

He enquired if the court could disqualify a mobility scooter but while the prosecution said it was a mechanically propelled vehicle, it did not require a driving licence and therefore any ban would not be applicable.

The judge concluded: “The court therefore cannot stop him from repeating his offending behaviour.”

The scooter-user was issued with a £200 fine and disqualified from driving any vehicle requiring a license for five years.

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