Mobility Roadshow throws open its doors to innovations

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Nearly 60 leading exhibitors made up of mobility dealers, suppliers, organisations and networks converge on NAEC Stoneleigh in Warwickshire today as part of one of Europe’s largest mobility events. The event will run until Saturday. 

GBL Wheelchair Services champions ‘world’s lightest’ wheelchair

GBL Wheelchair Services is using the Mobility Roadshow as a platform to showcase the latest models from the Panthera range of wheelchairs. With many unique and innovative accessories the range includes what claims to be the world’s lightest wheelchair at 4.2kg – The Panthera X.

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The UK distributor of the world-renowned Panthera range of rigid manual wheelchairs from Sweden, GBL Wheelchairs has also recently become the UK distributor for Stricker Hand-cycles and for the carbon CSEI wheelchairs.

Stricker Hand-cycles is a German manufacturer offering a huge range of clip on hand-cycles which, unlike many other hand-cycles currently available, do not need to have a heavy bracket permanently fitted to the user’s chair. Stricker hand-cycles are available in manual, power and a combination of these including BionX and Neodrive technology.

GBL will also be spotlighting the lightweight, easily removable add-on power-pack, the Light Drive from Benoit, which turns a manual chair into a joystick-drive powerchair in less than 20 seconds. When not in use or for travelling the Light Drive fits into a suitcase.

Key fob solution to fuel greater independence

Contacta is seeking to bring attention to its unique daily living aid which is helping to resolve accessibility issues and transform car refuelling.

Contacta has been designing and manufacturing assistive technology products for more than 20 years and is unveiling MyHailo at the show. Formerly known as Pinpoint, Contacta’s MyHailo enables users to subtly and easily hail for help, from petrol station staff, when at the pump.

The assistance device alerts petrol station staff at the simple pressing of a button on a key fob. This will prompt the station beacon to flash red, indicating that the key fob is working. When the hail has been acknowledged by a staff member, the beacon will turn green. Someone will then shortly be on their way to help the user refuel. It aims to make refuelling easy and dignified. The MyHailo key fob can be used anywhere in the UK-wide Zone.

Medimotion displays full range of exercise equipment

This year’s roadshow will act as a platform for numerous distributors and their latest products. Not least, Medimotion, which will be offering its full range of therapy and exercise equipment for people with disabilities.

MOTOmed bikes provide a safe and easy way to add movement to daily life, build and maintain strength and cardio vascular fitness.

Medimotion is the sole UK distributor for Reck MOTOmed Movement Therapy Systems. These passive/active exercise machines are of particular value to neurological and neuromuscular diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease, muscle diseases and many other health issues resulting in limited mobility. Medimotion also provide Chinesport’s innovative range of standing frames including the ‘Struzzo’.

Advanced training equipment to star on Medicotech stage

Medicotech Ltd is exhibiting its full THERA-Trainers range of equipment which includes active/passive bikes, static and dynamic standing frames, Balance and Gait trainers.

Its range is suitable for people with disabilities and can be used by physiotherapists in the home or clinic environment.

Medicotech is also showcasing its latest addition The Mobi – the smallest portable bike in its range and can be used by anyone who wants to maintain fitness and stamina at home.

Progeo shows less is more

Italian firm Progeo designs and manufactures innovative, ultralight active wheelchairs made in aluminium and carbon fibre. Running up to the Mobility Roadshow it has been preparing itself to exhibit the individually made-to measure Noir wheelchair.

It is also showing the Carbomax which has a fully carbon fibre frame and adopts the company’s latest technologies. Further to this, catering for all age groups, the firm’s functional and reliable Excelle range of wheelchairs and the lightweight and adaptable Joker range form up the rest of its product portfolio at the show.

New ranges from Cyclone Mobility as it announces distribution deal    

A full range of power and handcycles, lightweight wheelchairs, accessible quadbikes and rehabilitation machines features at this year’s Mobility Roadshow, courtesy of Cyclone.

It will be displaying its brand new products from Offcarr as it officially announces its new position as UK distributor for the premier Italian range of bespoke wheelchairs. Made from both titanium and aluminium, the Offcarr range is designed to be lightweight, stylish and unique.

As leading providers of mobility and fitness equipment, Cyclone’s main objective is to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK by maximising their range of movement, fitness levels and general health, and helping them to regain a new level of independence and control in their everyday lives.

Loopwheels looks to repeat roadshow success

Loopwheels shock-absorbing wheels reduce jolting and vibration for users of manual wheelchairs, and the Mobility Roadshow has made an ideal setting to showcase them.

Nottinghamshire company, Loopwheels, exhibits for the third time at the Mobility Roadshow and looks to repeat the same level of success as it has had with its innovative wheels in the previous two years.

Loopwheels launched its shock-absorbing wheels for wheelchairs in 2015, after several years of development and testing. The wheels have stiff carbon composite springs in place of traditional spokes, and it’s these loop-shaped springs that provide the suspension and help users get over kerbs, uneven paving and other obstacles more easily and more comfortably.

Luggie’s latest portable scooter stars for supplier

Fronting up Luggie’s roadshow offering is its brand new model of portable scooter, the Luggie Super.

Released earlier last year, to the Luggie Scooter range, the Super boasts an impressive weight capacity of up to 25.7 stone and many more added features plus a two year limited warranty.

The full range of Luggie Portable Scooters will be at The Mobility Roadshow. They are designed to be easy to lift in and out of a car and can be taken on trains, buses, planes, boats and more.

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