Mobility retailers urged to tighten control on Radar keys

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Online, high street mobility retailers and authorities are all being urged to tighten controls on the number of people illegitimately accessing disabled toilets with Radar keys bought online.

Councillors in Cleethorpes have said able-bodied people are able to gain access to disabled toilets too easily as the keys can be bought on the internet for as little as £1.30.

Public disabled toilets in the area have recently been damaged after people were able to gain access and cut the emergency cord.

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Speaking to The Grimsby Telegraph, Councilllor Kathryn Wheatley said: “The fact disabled people are unable to use the facilities proves the stupidity and thoughtlessness of online retailers and high street retailers selling these Radar keys. They should be regulated.”

“I believe that if disabled people need access to them then they should be available. We need to try and get some sort of stronger legislation on issues of Radar keys.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Matthew Brown said the availability of Radar keys online has resulted in vandalism to disabled toilets in the town.

“The emergency cord was cut and it’s putting people’s lives at risk. It’s an issue not just in Cleethorpes but across the country.”

He added that the fact Radar keys were readily available was causing “chaos and mayhem” in the town’s public toilets.

Radar keys have a simple designed which has led to a significant amount of piracy. Anyone with a disability can purchase a key but no proof of a disability is required.

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