Mayfair 4 Deluxe Freerider

Brand/Supplier: Freerider

The Mayfair 4 Deluxe Freerider is targeting a niche market. Aimed at users wanting a comfortable, reliable and durable long-range pavement scooter, the Mayfair features a metallic tungsten grey colour, similar to Freerider’s FR1, which aims to give it a fresh look. Meanwhile, the standard fit 50ah batteries afford the Mayfair Deluxe an “exceptional range for a pavement scooter”, the company claims. The comfortable captain’s seat, along with the full suspension is designed to offer a quality ride and sits well between the Standard Mayfair and the Mayfair 8 Deluxe, both in performance and pricing, Freerider says. Suffolk dealer Beactive Mobility became the first retailer to launch the Mayfair in October and it has now been rolled out across the market.

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