Mark Bates Ltd and Ebor Mobility donate scooter after “appalling” council reaction following pothole crash


Mark Bates Ltd and Ebor Mobility teamed up to get a Grimsby man back on the road following a crash.

John Brown had hit a pothole in November which not only tipped him out but left him with a mobility scooter not fit for use.

Brown told AMP he relies on the scooter to be able to get out and about and the crash had left him stuck at home for three months,

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Explaining how it happened, Brown said: “I was coming back from the shop in the village and there was a van parked in the road so I had to go into the road for a second to get past.

“The camber of the road meant I was leaning over for starters anyway then my wheel hit a pothole which tipped me out. I hurt my ribs and was bruised all up one side.

“Then I was on with the council obviously, I showed them photographs and everything but they have been appalling. They’ve got so many get out clauses, it’s unbelievable.”

Brown went on to detail how he was in no way expecting a free of charge replacement mobility scooter out of it, but Mark Bates Ltd and Ebor Mobility have been “fantastic” in giving him his independence back.

“I then got in touch with the Grimsby Telegraph and they have been brilliant in getting the message out there and so have the guys at Mark Bates and at Ebor. I’ve known Andy from Ebor for a long time, I’ve worked with him from a long time.

“Then he told me he had a message from Mark Bates Ltd about sorting something out and even then I expected nothing like this.”

Brown had been struggling to get out and about without any form of mobility.

He explained: “I got a call last week and even then I didn’t expect this to have happened, it has been fantastic. I spoke to Mark Bates Ltd and I said how much is it going to cost and they said nothing. It’s nice to get some help, it really is. It’s good to know there is some good people still out there.”

Andy Todd, owner at Ebor Mobility, had worked with Brown for a long term and said when Mark Bates Ltd got in touch, he was so pleased to pass the message on.

Commenting on their involvement, Greg Morris, engagement manager at Mark Bates Ltd, he explained how things like this are important for the business and will always help as and where it can.

He said: “It was great to see the smile on John’s face while he was testing out his new scooter in the car park. It’s clear to see his independence has been removed due to the accident and we are delighted when we can help get him out and independent again.”

Concluding: “This is why it is so important to have the correct protection in place but unfortunately we are seeing a rise of users who have no or completely inadequate cover in place for their needs, and are then left to struggle without their product.”

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