Manufacturer ‘proves’ hearing aids make the brain more powerful


Hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, now proves that Oticon Opn S hearing aids make the brain more powerful.

The company says the device allows users to open up to a world of sound, making it much easier for people with hearing loss to take part in conversation.

Describing the equipment, Oticon detailed how with Opn S, hearing aid users can focus on the sounds they want to, even when there are multiple speakers and a lot of noise like at parties or in restaurants.

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With Opn S supporting the brain to provide a more natural sound experience and much better conditions for following conversations, people with hearing loss can connect socially on a whole new level.

It went on to explain how there is evidence that the brain can be supported to perform naturally, commenting on how a new EEG testing method to objectively measure how a brain organises sound, has proven that Opn S hearing aids help the brain to get clearer signals, in a sense restoring the brain’s ability to understand and organize individual sounds.

Thomas Behrens, chief of audiology at Oticon, said: “With a hearing loss it takes a lot of effort to understand speech, especially in noisy environments or when several people are talking simultaneously, and this takes its toll on the brain. Without the ability to select which speaker or sounds you want to listen to, communication, and therefore social interaction, is extremely difficult and exhausting.”

Adding: “Oticon is proud to continually present technological innovations which challenge conventions, offering new ways to develop hearing aids that make a real difference to everyday life. Oticon Opn S™ hearing aids are helping users to make sense of sound and, in a number of ways, enabling users to hear just like people with normal hearing.

“By continuously improving the way hearing aids can increase speech understanding and reduce the listening effort of the brain with technological innovation, we are changing people’s lives. Providing vital support for the brain enables users to access more from the world around them, literally expanding their perceptual space.”

Last year in the UK, private hearing aid sales grew as NHS Brexit stockpiling slowed.

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