Magnificent seven: Nifty assistive tech inventions unveiled by Remap


Seven innovative inventions designed to help people with disabilities live more independently have been highlighted by a national adaptations and equipment charity.

Remap works with volunteers to create custom equipment for disabled people when no other kit is available on the market.

The assistive solutions awarded this year include a small speech amplifier which clips onto a pair of glasses, a wearable pressure sensor to help correct posture, a trike chariot, portable guide rails to help visually impaired bowlers find the right lane, single-handed binoculars, a wheelchair turntable and a discreet alternative to a standard neck brace.

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The speech amplifier involves a small microphone attached to a child’s pair of glasses and an ear piece. It has allowed him to communicate with his friends and progress in school.

The pressure sensor is a lightweight, rechargeable electronic armband, which produces a sound when it detects when the user is leaning continuously with a pressure above a certain threshold for longer than five seconds.

A trike user now has a mounted chariot which allows him to carry a passenger. It is fitted with emergency brakes as a safety precaution.

The guide rails are made from aluminium and can pack into a canvas shoulder bag, which means they are easily carried on public transport and to away matches.

A head-mounted brow guard of the type used with chainsaws was used to make the single-handed binoculars, which allows the user to watch birds prolonged periods without using their hand to hold her binoculars at all.

A turntable at the entrance to a house has allowed a wheelchair-user to navigate a tight corner in his equipment and leave his house. It is made from wood and metal so that the wheelchair can now be pushed up a small ramp onto the turntable, rotated 90 degrees, then out of the door.

The alternative to a neck brace involved a baseball cap combined with a strap, which is attached at the back and runs down to the trouser belt. This can be adjusted and it provides enough support to help the user to maintain a good head position.

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