London OTs trial ‘impressive’ postural support system from AAT

Chilli Bean AAT

Occupational therapists in London are making use of postural support system from AAT GB to help improve client outcomes.

The team at Islington Learning Disability Partnership have rolled out the Chilli Bean support cushion to people with daily support needs after seeing the product in action.

As part of AAT’s standard service, its regional managers visit with recipients to set the equipment up, ensure all involved in the client’s care regime understand how to use it and train them in correctly adjusting or re-shaping the Chilli Bean.

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“As soon as I saw how it all worked I instantly thought of another client whom I felt would benefit,” said local physiotherapist Rosana Barbosa.

“I arranged a trial for them and was very impressed. Other beanbags need professional casting, which makes it difficult to adjust them once the client’s postural needs change. Chilli Bean can be easily readjusted by anyone trained to do so. I’ve already recommended it to other team members, who have also begun specifying Chilli Bean.”

AAT’s Chilli Bean uses vacuum technology to be shaped without pressure points to stabilise each user. It is designed to be easily adjusted to accommodate changing client needs within minutes and without additional cost.

Chilli Bean holds its shape by the attachment of a pump, which sucks out all the air between the ‘beans’ so that they stay in the moulded contours.

When the user requires a different configuration, a little air is allowed back in to enable the beans to move, the Chilli Bean re-shaped as needed, and the pump attached and operated to fix the new mould. 

Constructed from air- and water-proof form of neoprene, Chilli Bean’s surface is waterproof and can be wiped clean and disinfected.

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