Local MP follows in David Cameron’s footsteps with Recare scooter safety meet


Making scooter safety the top of the political agenda to force change has been a difficulty for many in the industry over the past few years.

Recare certainly puts the ongoing fight for the scooter safety campaign at the top of its agenda and may well be edging close in getting the issues in front of the decision makers that matter.

Following in David Cameron’s footsteps, MP for Witney, Robert Courts recently visited Recare in Oxfordshire to focus on making a plan to arrange a local training programme for clients.

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Giving background on the issue, Recare details how previous attempts to address scooter safety have occurred throughout the mobility and rehabilitation industry alongside many other company representatives to no avail.

The company does however also commend fellow dealerships who have been proactive and held scooter safety days for their local areas, often kindly supported by various manufacturers. In recognising the good work that has been done, Recare says its purpose is to maintain an active voice for this campaign moving forward.

The next inevitable step was to contact the right people that could assist the firm in doing just that. Recare therefore subsequently contacted local MP Robert Courts and councillor Ian Hudspeth in a bid to approach the issue from a slightly different and more head-on angle.

The duo then referred to involving the chief executive fire officer in their responses, who went along as part of the visit. The visit focused on making a plan to arrange a local training programme for clients to re-assess the use, safety, and understanding of the mobility product.

The local training opportunity will be a voluntary service that people can attend annually and will be held at various locations throughout the county in Oxfordshire, with progression hopefully leading to a similar advocate in Northamptonshire, from the Recare facility in Kettering.

The scheme is accessible to all users of powered mobility products and will also be available for clients who are looking to purchase a powered mobility product but would like further instruction and guidance on safety aware before making their purchase.

The chief executive fire officer was keen to ensure that this is crucial to engage further organisations to reach its end goal of making the scheme national across the UK.

This came alongside fire safety regulation advice and advising on major aspects of the Highway Code to ensure they have up to date advice. The aim was to educate mobility product users on how to safely charge and maintain their products regularly, ensuring that they are authorised to store them within nursing and care facilities correctly.

The annual check, as part of the training opportunity, aims to give people a prime opportunity to assess the scooter itself. They will be advised if there are any safety concerns on their scooter which will be checked by a qualified engineer at the event. It can also be used to check if the product is Class 3 and road legal and compliant with DVLA requirements, including tax registration.

Alongside this, attendees will also be advised of fire safety procedures that they can follow to ensure the safety of their product, not only while using it, but also reducing any hazards when storing it.

Recare hopes that by addressing the issue at a local level more organisations could get involved in turning it into a success.

The company did say that as a private dealership it did not want to approach this issue from a financial point of view, so having support from the people who can review this and have a higher level of influence to make a difference nationally.

Recare says the team feels strongly about giving something back into the rehabilitation and mobility industry, one that has given the family-run business a great deal throughout the years.

The Oxfordshire facility has been a popular facility for the local MP in recent years, former MP for Witney and former Prime Minister David Cameron met the team a few years ago when it first moved into the premises in Cameron’s then Witney constituency in Oxfordshire

Discussing the latest visit, Recare details how Robert Courts was surprised at what the company does, something quite common among visitors according to the team. Courts showed “genuine interest and was inquisitive, not just at the larger more impressive products, but also from the Mobilex Gepard carbon-fibre rollator to the Permobil F5 standing powerchair we have on offer.”

On reflection, Recare said that having Robert Courts attend as the current MP allowed for a period of reflection and consequently encouraged the team to review how much it had achieved since its official open day.

Courts said he thoroughly enjoyed the trip, explaining how he is wanting to continue what he has started in pushing the scheme from a local to a national level.

He was also eager to outline his appreciation for the ongoing development of Recare as a business and the difference it is making not only as a local mobility supplier, but its mark nationally within the rehabilitation and mobility industry across the United Kingdom.

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