Living aids supplier warns of alleged ‘counterfeit imitations’

ravencourt talking button clock counterfeit claim

One of the market’s suppliers has claimed that some of its retail customers have been approached with what it alleges to be imitations of one of its core product lines.

Ravencourt, which supplies dementia and daily living aids, believes its ‘talking button clock’ has been copied by another company, which it alleges has used the same voice files and instructions, which Ravencourt’s managing director, Oli Story, said are protected by copyright.

Mr Story alleges that a company called iSee Range, which has not yet responded to AMP‘s request for comment, has been approaching “a few” of Ravencourt’s customers with a talking button clock.

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He said: “After a couple of conversations and a product sample investigation we found out that the iSee Button clock is a counterfeit of our ‘thoughtfully designed talking button clock’.”

He claimed that iSee’s product uses the same voice files that Ravencourt uses, which he said were recorded by Mr Story’s father.

Mr Story has disputed the legitimacy of iSee Range’s product’s barcode and the company behind it and said his counterfeit claim has been logged with Trading Standards.

He added:  “There are so many positive news stories coming out of the industry at the moment, especially product and technology-based solutions for the visually impaired and people living with dementia.

“The innovators, investors, marketeers and resellers are making positive change to the lives of people living with a disability and this needs to be celebrated.

“By sharing my experience, I would like to warn everyone to be careful which products we buy and resell and please pay attention to detail.”

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