Lifestyle and Mobility says enough is enough as scooters are muscled off pavements

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Cars parked on pavements obstructing wheelchair and mobility scooter users are a common sight on UK streets and have long been a cause of frustration for people with mobility difficulties.

A mobility retailer based in Essex has now taken the initiative to launch a campaign to encourage drivers to think more carefully about where they park and how they could be obstructing mobility aid users.

Lifestyle and Mobility, which runs fours stores along the South Coast, is pushing a post on social media which it hopes will “really drive [the message] home for people”.

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Darren Macey, business development manager at Lifestyle and Mobility, said the Facebook post has already been shared 56 times and had nearly 2,000 views so far.

He said: “We are a very busy store based in Essex and Hertfordshire. We have seen a massive growth in wheelchairs user over the last five years and this is only going to continue to grow.

“We have also seen a massive growth in SUVs on our roads and cars are clearly getting bigger.

“Two of our stores are attached to multi-storey car parks and we quite often hear of people complaining about parking.

“Unfortunately the general public are ignorant when it comes to the reasons why they should leave a gap. We believe we need to send a powerful message to wake people up.”

The message the retailer is pushing is ‘Think Pedestrian, Think Wheelchair’.

A report in numerous national newspapers today reported that modern cars are being built too big for current parking bays, meaning many are causing obstructions for other drivers and pedestrians.

People with mobility difficulties using scooters or wheelchairs are particularly at risk of being obstructed as an absence of drop-kerbs limits them to using certain routes.

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