LEVO standing wheelchair helps Gerald Simonds meet customer demands

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Dealership Gerald Simonds has seen first-hand the positive impact of stocking and offering advanced wheelchairs that are designed to do more than conventional pieces of equipment.

The dealer’s LEVO wheelchair was recently hailed by a customer as a life-changing product that has allowed him to follow his chosen career path unimpeded.

Mitch Chalmers, who suffered a spinal cord injury four years ago, took order of a LEVO active-easy wheelchair, which converts from a sitting to standing position. He said that the product was the “answer” to following a career in hairdressing, as it allowed him to stand.

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The LEVO has been designed to smoothly elevate the user from a sitting to standing position of up to 85 degrees with the minimum amount of effort, to enable users to interact with people from a standing position.

With seat widths ranging from 13.8” to 18.9”, a seat depth of up to 21.3” and a maximum user weight of 265lbs, the LEVO is suitable for most wheelchair users looking for an alternative to a standing frame.

Prior to taking delivery of his LEVO, Chalmers had been using a standing frame as he was required to stand for a certain amount of time each day as part of his ongoing physiotherapy programme but often found this uncomfortable.

“When I was using a frame, I could only stand for about 10 minutes at a time, but since using my LEVO I can now stand for up to two hours, which is not only great for my hairdressing training, but also my daily physiotherapy as it means I can literally kill two birds with one stone,” he said.

“As anybody with a similar spinal cord injury will know, managing the bladder can be a major issue. However, since I started using my LEVO wheelchair and standing for longer periods of time my bladder has started to act in a completely different way. I can now hold much more urine which is great and being stood for longer has also meant I never have any leaks, which can be another common occurrence for people with my injury”.

Gerald Simonds’ managing director, Doug Robinson, said that it was rewarding to hear what a positive impact the LEVO has had on Chalmers’ life.

“The way Mitch has set about forging a new career for himself with the help of the Levo is truly inspiring and an inspiration to all of us, and on behalf of everyone at Gerald Simonds I would like to wish him the best of luck with his college course and future, as he embarks on the latest chapter in his life,” he said.

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