Leonard Cheshire collaborates with Kray-Z Legz for ‘Language of Disability’ rap


Charity Leonard Cheshire, which works to break down barriers that hinder disabled people, has now collaborated on a rap video titled ‘The Language of Disability’.

South London rapper Kray-Z Legs, who was born with spina bifida, performs the rap which asks listeners to actively educate themselves on disability and engage with disabled people.

This comes as Leonard Cheshire reports that almost three in four (73%) disabled people say that more needs to be done for non-disabled people to understand that their words cause offence.

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Meanwhile, over one in five (21%) disabled Brits say they have experienced outdated terms to describe them from non-disabled strangers in a public place.

On the other hand, two0 in five (40%) non-disabled people stated that they would be more likely to interact with disabled people if they knew the correct language to use, while almost a third (30%) of non-disabled people are worried about saying the wrong thing when talking to disabled people.

View Kray-Z Legs’ rap below:

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