Lake District Mobility brings in all-terrain trampers to ramp up access

Beamer Ltd Tramper

A charity group in West Cumbria is aiming to improve access to local forests for people with limited mobility with a set of new specialist all-terrain mobility scooters.

Set to launch in spring, Lake District Mobility’s new four-wheel tramper scooters are designed to take people across rough, uneven country tracks and fields. They are also able to safely take people through mud, streams, snow, and even sandy beaches.

The trampers will be hired out to end-users who have to undergo a brief training course before using them. They will also be leased to businesses to help cover the cost of insurance and repairs, according to a local newspaper.                

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Julia Walker, founder of the charity, told the Times & Star: “There are only a couple of places that offer trampers in Cumbria but I know that in the South West there are 45 sites. When I realised there were very little available here I was encouraged to start the same thing.”

Lake District Mobility received a private donation to purchase one of the trampers and the second was made available by a £9,000 contribution from the local council.

The road legal, 8mph tramper has a max weight of 25 stone and a 30 mile range. It is Beamer’s oldest and most sought after all-terrain mobility scooter. It claims to be the first all-terrain mobility scooter on the market.

The tramper features a unique chassis design that is on rubber suspension all round. It has light accurate steering with virtual centre point steering, eliminating bump steer and keeping the steering effort to a minimum.

It is designed to be very stable with a low centre of gravity and good articulation allowing users to take on slopes up to 25 degrees inclines, sideways, forward and aft.

All wheels are fitted with puncture sealant and all suspension systems are tailored to soften the ride.

The tramper won the Queen’s Award for Engineering Excellence in 2009 and remains the only all-terrain mobility scooter to do so.

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