Kent charity leads project to change public perception of disability

Diagrama II

Kent based charity Diagrama is leading an innovative multi country project to change the public’s perception of disability by promoting ability rather than accepting disability.

Diagrama is collaborating with organisations from Italy, Belgium, France and Spain on a two-year €80,000 (£68,000) E-Profid project funded by the European Union Erasmus Plus Programme.

David McGuire, CEO, Diagrama, said: “Diagrama is very excited to be working on this ground-breaking €80,000 European E-Profid project funded by the European Union Erasmus Plus Programme, to create a new, relevant, accessible training course and toolkit, to change long held perceptions of disability and change people’s emphasis to promote ability instead.

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“Unfortunately, after working on many successful Erasmus projects in the past this will be the final project of this kind that we will be able to participate in, after the country exited the European Union. Given this, we are even more determined that as UK based custodians of this important funding we create, promote and implement a change in perceptions, deserving of their backing.”

The E-Profid project is built on a foundation of innovation and transfer of good practice with organisations from diverse backgrounds serving different client groups, working together to design tools and methods to change the public’s perception, by promoting ability, rather than accepting disability.

It is hoped that through recognising professional identity and diversity, the E-Profid project will push social change and prove that even severe disability is not a barrier to fulfilment and social inclusion.

Together the contributors will create an innovative ‘Facilitator of Change’, training course, combining elements of communication and empowerment, client care, psychology, marketing, employment training and digital management.

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