Judge refuses to confiscate powerchair prosecutors claim is a ‘weapon’

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A man who was caught on CCTV using his powerchair as a ‘battering ram’ to knock over two elderly women has been jailed but the judge refused to make an order to confiscate his mobility equipment.

Aaron Ali reversed into two ladies in London in June. The CCTV footage was released and went viral, sparking public outrage.

He has now been sentenced to two years in prison for causing actual bodily harm and prosecutors have applied for his £12,000 powerchair to be confiscated, arguing that it is a “weapon”.

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Detective Constable Iain Hill, of Bexley CID, said: “Ali has used a means in aiding movement as a weapon, injuring two vulnerable people in this despicable act showing absolutely no remorse for his actions.”

But the judge refused to make the order, saying that Ali will depend on the equipment upon his release from prison.

According to a national newspaper, Roger Daniells-Smith, who was defending Ali at Southwark Crown Court, said that inmates at Wandsworth prison have been “playing” with the powerchair.

He said: “[Inmates] have been mucking about with it and it has been damaged,” according to the Daily Mail.

The two victims of the incident were left with bruises after they fell and the judge, Ms Recorder Emma Goodall, said it was “remarkable” they had not been more seriously injured.

The prosecutor described the incident shown in the CCTV footage, saying that after Ali hits the first woman, he then reverses and strikes the second lady.

Ali claimed he had suffered from a ‘diabetic crash’ before the incident, according to the newspaper.

The court heard him say: “That day I was not feeling well. I was having a diabetic crash. That was what was happening. Basically, I am on morphine, a 116 milligrams a day. 

“Sometimes you would be moving and you would feel like you are sitting. I would knock thing over. It makes you clumsy like a drunk.

“I was scared people were going to attack me thinking I had done it on purpose. I drove in the opposite direction I was going in.”

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