Jeremy Corbyn urges PM to scrap ‘nasty’ disability benefit review


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged Prime Minister Theresa May to rethink a “nasty” proposal that would deny benefits to thousands of people.

Corbyn told May that cutting the financial support to around 160,000 adults was “shameful”.

Stopping personal independence payment (PIP) could have an effect on the purple pound – spending power of people with disabilities – and an impact on the disability market.

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If the plans for cuts went ahead it would mean more than £3.7 billion of disability benefits would be pulled from the benefits bill by 2023.

Corbyn claimed that the government was planning to restrict PIP paid to people living with dementia and those with mental health issues. But the PM said no existing claimants would see benefits halted.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, Labour’s leader said the review would mean those with debilitating mental conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder would lose out.

But speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May said: “This is not a cut in the amount that is going to be spent on disability benefits and no-one is going to see a reduction in their benefits from what has been previously awarded.”

She added: “The way we are dealing with disability benefits payments is to ensure payments are going to those who are most vulnerable.”

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