Jenx founders, Clive and Catherine Jenkins, announce retirement


The founders of children’s postural equipment specialist Jenx, Clive and Catherine Jenkins, are retiring after almost 40 years.

Jenx was established by Clive, an engineer, and Catherine, a physiotherapist in schools for children with special needs across Sheffield in 1982, with their vision of “a better life and a brighter future for children with special needs”.

In the years that followed, Jenx has continued to innovate – designing bespoke products which are specialised to help children develop and grow when they have a particular problem or condition.

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Catherine said: “Jenx products are not just a piece of furniture. They aren’t just a safe place to put a child – they’re a therapeutic device. The products are made in such a way that they are used to help the child develop their postural schools.

“This will in turn help them in school, in their relationships with people, and therefore in their cognitive development, because they don’t have to concentrate on how uncomfortable they are or how unstable they are.”

Clive added: “Our product design is very much around giving the child opportunities and skills that nature hasn’t given them naturally.

“The children and the needs of the children are essential to Jenx and they’re what it’s all about. But I also see our products as tools which enable therapists to treat and work easier with children.

“Now we distribute products from a number of companies, but always with the children in mind and how therapists can work with them.

“We’ve always aimed to make products which will last. This is because of the environments in which these products are used, and the people who will use them demand a lot of the product, so it needs to be robust.”

As its founders pass over the reins and Jenx looks to the future, including its 40th birthday in 2022, in Catherine said: “Jenx has every intention of being the company it can be in the future – the best company that it can be.”

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