Invacare goes the distance to push wheelchair users beyond normal limits

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Invacare has launched a new power add-on device designed to propel manual wheelchair-users up to 20km and up slopes with a 16% gradient.  

The SMOOV has been designed and manufactured in Germany by Alber and is capable of a top speed of around 6mph.

Designed to be compact and sleek, the unit is intended for everyday use and for users wanting to travel longer distances.

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It can maintain a constant speed and is operated by a Bluetooth hand control unit that attaches to the chair.

SMOOV weighs just over 7 kg and features a USB‐C socket for charging, making it suitable for active individuals.

It offers hands‐free driving with a flexible 360° drive wheel providing extra power when needed.

The unit is easy-to-use and docks or undocks to most makes of manual wheelchairs either fixed or folding.

It will travel over most types of surfaces, maintaining a constant speed up slopes of 16%. The extra power and performance with SMOOV is designed to ease fatigue or hand cramps on longer journeys.

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