HOW TO: Get ‘social savvy’ as a small mobility business

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Using social media to generate awareness and sales is a great idea but many smaller firms with limited resources struggle to find the time to do a thorough job.

Here, Angus Long of Impression Marketing explains a support system that aims to help small businesses get more ‘social savvy’.

Social networking sites such as Facebook (FB) and Twitter started off as a way for people to keep in touch and share trivialities with friends and family near and far. They quickly caught on and today there are 2.6bn Facebook and Twitter users, generating 4.5bn likes a day and 6,000 Tweets a second.

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It is probably fair to say, these social media sites have come a long way from the preserve of banal frivolity to now being major media sites that are often the preferred place for breaking world news and comment. Naturally, the size, power and reach of such sites offer businesses a huge potential for marketing and promotional practice.

Indeed, most companies, businesses and organisations all have company FB and Twitter accounts, but given the sheer size of the online traffic a few lone FB updates and tweets a week is simply not going to get the coverage needed to generate sufficient website visits or enquires to create enough sales opportunities because, like most things in sales and marketing, it’s simply a numbers game.

Take Twitter for example, if the account has a few followers and only generates a few tweets a week, it’s simply not going to get seen or shared by many people, these are known as digital impressions.

However, there are some things that can help and one of those is TAPPS, the acronym stands for Tweets About Places, Products and Services. TAPPS is the brainchild of Steve Wilkinson; some readers may be more familiar with his nickname ‘Wheelchair Steve’ founder of International Wheelchair Day.

Essentially TAPPS is aimed at drafting and sending out quality tweets with the aim of increasing exposure, likes, re-tweets and raising followers; all of which inflate the number of impressions your account gets and in turn drives more traffic to your website. The more visitors a website gets the greater the chances of being contacted for a sales enquiry.

It works from day one. A typical business Twitter account generating a few hundred impressions a month can rise to tens of thousands a month using TAPPS in just a few weeks. To generate this number of digital impressions a business needs to send out a great many tweets a month, every month.

That’s a lot of tweeting and even a well-staffed marketing department would be hard pushed to find the time and energy to do that much tweeting, which is why I really recommend using TAPPS. The service includes, drafting the content, identifying the key target consumer, programming SEO algorithms which then automatically send out over three thousand tweets a month.

The service also provides a comprehensive report including, number of tweets, impressions, number of new followers and crucially the number of people who have shown interest and visited the company website. That’s over 100 tweets a day for not much more the price of a Costa coffee. Furthermore, there are no minimum periods either, so you can start and stop whenever you like.

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