Honda to launch mass-produced mobility power pack

honda mobile power pack

Japanese automotive giant Honda has announced that it will be showcasing a range of new technologies at an exhibition in Japan next week including a new mass-produced model of its Mobile Power Pack detachable battery.

The Mobile Power Pack stores electricity generated using renewable energy and serves as power source for small-sized electric mobility products.

Alongside its new power pack, Honda will be demonstrating the exchanger concept that goes alongside the power system. It can charge multiple units of the Mobile Power Pack at once and supply replacement power packs.

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The whole system consists of detachable mobile batteries, charge/discharge devices and the 70MPa Smart Hydrogen Station (SHS) Concept which generates and supplies high-pressure hydrogen.

Honda’s new power pack is part of its move towards making more sustainable products that reduce the company’s carbon impact.

It is designed to help people stay mobile and can even be used to provide electricity for general appliances when main power sources are cut.

Honda is a leading innovator in batteries and power pack systems for automotive products including small mobility vehicles.

It has direct dealings in the mainstream disability/senior mobility market in the form of mobility scooters like the Monpal ML200.

The Monpal is a class 2 scooter and has a maximum speed of 6kmh.

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