Here to Help encourages dealers to forward applications for contract hire


Registered dealers have reported the benefits of the Here to Help Mobility Scheme.

They say a steady income stream via contract hires has, in some cases, covered overheads.

Here to Help described its service as an alternative to Motability’s Scooter/Powerchair Scheme, and has been doing so since 2008.

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It is still taking applications for those customers wishing to contract hire using PIP/DLA Mobility Allowances and were recently contacted by a number of dealers who had previously registered but never forwarded any applications until now.

Here to Help said: “There has never been a better time to invest in your own Contract Hires as there are a number of Covid-19 Government guaranteed 5 year bank loans widely available.

“You can apply on the basis of purchasing stock for Contract Hires to fulfil. Typically, once you have 100 contract hires signed up you will benefit from a 5 figure 4-weekly income stream netting on average £400K over the 3 years. (300% ROI).”

It added: “This could also be a good time to talk to your suppliers re- extended settlement terms.”

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  1. Hi , I own mobility shop in witham
    I would like to apply for contract hire.
    How can I apply for that

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