Heatwave causes lift stoppages and forces council to come up with long-term solution


Lifts at a block of flats in Brighton have broken down because of the recent heatwave, leaving disabled residents trapped in their homes.

The lifts stopped working because the shafts became too hot and reports suggest that it could take a month to fix them because of the ongoing problems caused by the hot weather.

Brighton and Hove City Council plan to install better ventilation and a heat reflective film to keep the shaft cooler in the long-term, according to a report by The Argus.

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In a statement, the council said: “We know this is frustrating and inconvenient for residents and are doing everything possible to remedy the situation and keep people informed.

“The five storey building, which opened this spring, has two lifts. Prolonged high temperatures during the heatwave have caused the lifts to stop working because the lift shafts are too hot.

“In the short term we have opened air vents in staircases adjacent to the lift shafts to reduce temperatures. These will enable us to get the lifts working again as soon as possible.”

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