Hearing aid app launches to improve equipment’s benefits


Hearing aid provider Oticon is launching a new hearing fitness app which is designed to provide users of its Opn hearing aids with health improving benefits, including battling hearing loss related dementia.

The HearingFitness app was unveiled at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week and is designed to help people with hearing loss understand how their behaviour and hearing health habits can influence how effective their treatment

The app is used in conjunction with Oticon Opn hearing aids, the world’s first internet-connected hearing aid and winner of two CES Innovations Awards in 2017.

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Noisy environments pose the biggest challenge for people with hearing loss. Keeping up with conversations in restaurants, bars, around the dinner table or at meetings can be difficult and exhausting. Utilising a combination of data from the hearing aid and big data from lifestyle and healthcare data sources, the HearingFitness app helps Opn users optimise their hearing aid use to fulfil their hearing potential in different situations.

By encouraging increased hearing aid use, the HearingFitness app helps those with hearing loss benefit from the health improvements that come from wearing hearing aids. Wearing Opn hearing aids to treat a hearing impairment claims to let users enjoy sound and social interaction, both of which stimulate the brain and ultimately helps reduce the common side effects associated with untreated hearing loss, such as fatigue, withdrawal and stress.

Treating hearing loss effectively in mid-life by wearing aids even reduces the risk of early on-set dementia. In a recent study authored by the Lancet commissions on Dementia Prevention, Intervention, and Care, hearing loss was listed as the largest modifiable risk factor contributing to Dementia.

Product Manager, Michael Porsbo, a major contributor to the conception and fruition of Opn, said: “The HearingFitness app is designed to provide Opn hearing aid users with advice and encouragement on ways to use their hearing aid more, hear better, and ultimately stay healthy.

“The first of its kind, this new app provides data-driven hearing care to empower a digital generation of hearing aid users with insights to enable them to keep their mental faculties sharp and therefore optimize their health.”

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