Handicare’s 1100 Straight Stairlift proves popular with dealers and LAs

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Described as a ‘next generation’ straight stairlift, the Handicare 1100 is popular with dealers who appreciate its modern design and features which make it quicker to install and easier to sell.

Local authorities are also very receptive to its practical and versatile features.

The Handicare 1100’s tooth and grease-free slimline rail and continuous charging strip are judged to be its standout qualities, while the non-handed rail, pack and seat make it perfect for dealers to hold in stock so they can quickly respond to customer demand.

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Rail options for the Handicare 1100, including a Slide Track, Easy Hinge and Zero Intrusion, mean dealers have a modern solution that’s attractive to their customers, which can be installed in a wide variety of homes from stock. The 1100 really does have the versatility, as well as the reliability, desirability and profitability dealers’ demand from a straight stairlift.

Slide Track
The 1100 Slide Track’s exceptional advantages for users include:
Zero intrusion, both upstairs and downstairs
No waiting time for the rail to (un)fold
Fully automatic
Smooth ride: no bumps over hinges in the rail
No extra handling needed (folding the rail)
Safe: no pinching hazard, no sharp edges, no vertical moving parts, sensors at both ends stop the track if an obstacle is detected
State-of-the-art style

The benefits for dealers include:
Non-handed – usable left or right, matching the 1100 standard rail
Powerpacks are compatible with the powerpacks for standard rails
Stockable item. Keep one in stock to install straight away when needed

Easy Hinge
Cost-effective solution
Easy to install as pre-assembled
Only one rail part so no extra boxes
No additional levers or brackets on the rail
No brackets on the floor
Non-handed – can be used on either side of the stairs
Stockable item. Keep one in stock to install straight away when needed
A robust safety bracket ensures compliance with standards in line with EN 81-40 guidelines.

Zero Intrusion Accessory Kit
Modular solution: only one extra kit
Easy and fast to install
Stockable item. Keep one in stock to install straight away when needed
Great for basement stairs
Minimum gap between footrest and nose of last step

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