GUIDE: Council launches in-depth look at assistive tech


Hertfordshire County Council has published a guide to assistive technology.

In launching the publication, the council explained how technology has transformed many aspects of everyday life.

It emphasised how there are now “many clever devices available” to help people to live independently at home which can be particularly helpful for people who are older or have a long-term health condition or disability and to their families and carers.

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The updated said: “We have produced a guide to assistive technology webpage that shows examples of devices which might be used around or outside the home. For example, a stove guard which turns off the power if the cooker gets too hot. These devices can promote independence and minimise risk without intruding unnecessarily on dignity and privacy.

“Some items are designed to stand alone. Others can link directly to a carer or family member or are connected to a team of trained advisors in a monitoring centre who will ensure appropriate support is provided, giving peace of mind to residents and their family and carers.”

Adding: “Many people would like to plan ahead to maintain their own independence. The webpage guides to reliable sources where you can find out what would meet individual requirements and where these could be obtained. Assistive technology might also be provided in some cases, following an assessment.”

You can see the full report HERE.

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