Government launches health and disability consultation

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A consultation has been launched by the government on how the welfare system can better meet the needs of disabled people and people with health conditions.

The consultation, which comes with a new Green Paper, is designed to help enable people to live independently and move into work where possible.

The Green Paper considers the options for addressing some of the short- to medium-term issues in health and disability benefit and will also start a discussion about the opportunities for wider change to deliver on the objectives of the health and disability benefit system.

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The government is consulting on the following aspects of our support for people with disabilities and health conditions:

Ways to provide more support to help meet the needs of disabled people and people with health conditions and allow them to more easily access and use benefits and services.

Improve employment support for disabled people and people with health conditions, and how to encourage people to take up that support, where possible.

Short-term improvements to our current services such as improvements to assessments and decision making, to improve the experience of disabled people.

Changes to future assessments and alternative approaches.

Changes that could be made to the structure of the main benefits claimed by working-age disabled people and people with health conditions.

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 11 October 2021.

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