Government launches £40m support package for unemployed disabled people

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The government has announced the launch a £40m support package for long-term unemployed disabled people.

This will enable disabled people to work with a dedicated key worker to get and stay in employment and is expected to benefit 10,000 people.

The Intensive Personalised Employment Support programme will provide personalised packages of employment support for people who are at least a year away from moving into work.

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People will get coaching to help build their independence, confidence and motivation, as well as work experience to help boost their career prospects.

Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, said: “Everyone, no matter what their background is, should have the opportunity to thrive in the workplace, and having the right support in place for disabled people is one of my greatest priorities.

“To truly help people transform their lives, there can be no one-size-fits-all approach.”

The government said the new programme is designed to offer people, who may think they will never move into work, tailored support to help them overcome any personal barriers they may have in the first instance, and then to focus on boosting their skills.

People on the scheme will get a dedicated key worker who will work with them to overcome barriers which may be preventing them from entering work, ensuring they have a personal support network in place.

The voluntary scheme will be rolled out across England and Wales in 2019, and applicants will receive support for up to 21 months, including six months of in-work support for those who get a job.

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