Government experts doubt proposed changes to PIPs

Prime Minister Theresa May Appoints Her Cabinet

Welfare experts in the government have expressed their doubt over plans to pull disability benefits from 160,000 people.

The experts reportedly said that the controversial proposals to stop Personal Independence Payments going to mentally ill people should be delayed until they have been “clearly understood”.

They warned it is not clear how changes will be interpreted by assessors and that this could mean claimants will not be consistently treated, according to a report in The Independent.

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The decision has sparked intense debates between MPs, but Damian Green (pictured), Work and Pensions Secretary, prevented MPs voting on the matter, saying it was “above my pay grade”.

Although supporters of the plan say no disabled people would lose money, with only new claimants affected, there remains concern for some industry dealers who supply aids to people with mental health issues.

The government hopes its decision to tighten the eligibility for PIPs will save it millions, allowing more to be freed up for social care.

But the mobility industry is wary that if benefits are pulled from people with conditions like epilepsy, diabetes and dementia, there could be a knock on effect.

Image: Damian Green – Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

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