GiveVision and Sony team-up on tech development for blind and visually impaired


UK start-up GiveVision has partnered with the Sony UK Technology Centre to develop and manufacture the next-gen of wearable technology.

It is aimed at helping to restore sight to people with visual impairments.

GiveVision has already developed a prototype device, called SightPlus, which has been shown to significantly improve the visual function of people with incurable sight loss.

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GiveVision will be working with Sony UK Tec to develop and manufacture a new, lightweight version of the SightPlus device which condenses the existing ‘vision enhancing’ technology into a single pair of glasses.

The collaboration with Sony will add to the expertise of the existing GiveVision team, and provide world leading technology expertise around camera, display and smartphone innovation, as well as a global manufacturing footprint.

Gerald Kelly, general manager of Sony UK Tec, said: “Sony is delighted to welcome GiveVision to Wales. Our team is very impressed with the technology GiveVision has, and the impact it will make on the lives of millions of people.”

Adding: “Our partnership with GiveVision is a great example of how open innovation can enhance the value of young companies through true partnerships and creates a positive impact on the Welsh economy.”

A recent study of the SightPlus prototype device, conducted by Moorfields Eye Hospital, found that almost 70% of users reported that their visual acuity was enhanced to 0.2 logMAR or better, which is nearly a normal level of vision.

59 out of the 60 trial participants (98%) found that SightPlus improved their visual acuity by an average of six lines on a sight test chart.

Globally, there are over 191 million people suffering from moderate to severe sight loss.

New assistive technologies like SightPlus have the potential to transform the lives of millions of people with irreversible sight loss by allowing them to live more independently.

To date, GiveVision has received support from Telefonica, Pfizer and the NHS.

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