‘Frustrated’ customers turn up at mobility shop to grab back their goods


Customers bearing receipts turned up on the doorstep of a Derby mobility store to reclaim products they bought from the business which have been stuck inside the showroom since it was suddenly and forcibly closed by enforcement officers.

Bailiffs opened Mobility at Home so that customers who could prove they owned their items could reclaim them before any remaining products were auctioned off to recover the costs of the site.

Mobility at Home’s premises were closed by High Court enforcement agents last month and after a local newspaper’s investigation it was found that the business was entangled in £67,000 of court bills and was involved in several legal disputes.

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Yesterday was the last day residents could reclaim their items and any products still in the store after 1pm were sold off.

Paul Marchant, a High Court enforcement officer for the Court Enforcement Service, who was overseeing the process, told a local newspaper that customers have been “frustrated” over the last few weeks.

One customer, Keith Alexander, claimed he was unable to reclaim a mobility scooter he had taken into the store to be repaired because incorrect information had been written on his receipt.

He told Derbyshire Live: “It is so frustrating – the scooter is in the shop but he has put the wrong information on the receipt and we cannot get it back. He has had £2,000 off me.

“I am going to have to explain to the insurers what has happened and see if they will write it off because there is no way we will get it back.

“I just feel totally drained. I don’t how I am going to explain to my partner that she isn’t going to get her scooter back, it is her bit of savings that have gone.”

Nicolas Askew, director of Mobility at Home, said: “Mr Alexander I’ve known for a while as we’ve always got on well. He’s had a few scooters off me and he’s also passed on my details to his friends and neighbours who have used our services.

“It’s very regrettable that our doors have been locked with his good lady’s scooter inside, I’m working hard behind the scenes and have personally taken on Mr Alexander’s and Mrs Dunlop’s situations to deal with as soon as possible. They both will soon be having replacement products.

“I’ve spoken to them both and have reassured Mrs Dunlop and Mr Alexander that they will be delivered replacement products soon.”

Mr Askew has maintained that the recent closure was due to a misunderstanding with a manufacturer about unordered and undelivered stock.

Last month he said Mobility at Home is looking to open an alternative site in the city centre.

Image credit: Mobility at Home. The shop in the Eagle Market has since rebranded and could soon be relocated to the city centre.

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