Freerider’s proactive dealers buck ‘quiet year for the mobility industry’

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Mobility dealers who have been positive, proactive and come up with new ideas are the ones who have performed best for scooter supplier Freerider in the last year.

The manufacturer admits the market has been slightly quieter for all parties in the last year and says the industry has not followed the usual patterns it tends to see.

Freerider’s area sales manager Richard Aldridge, who has been involved in the industry both as a dealer and supplier, told AMP that he likes to work with retailers who are continually looking to push business forward on their own initiative.

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“We try and do everything we can do to help facilitate that,” he said. “The market we’re has been a little quiet this year for suppliers and dealers and it’s been an unusual year. The dealers that are being positive and coming up with the ideas, like Beactive Mobility, are the ones that are bucking that trend and are moving forward.”

Aldridge has noticed that the dealers who are sitting still and expecting to get busier are the ones that have been quieter. While ones like Beactive, based in Lowestoft, are proving successful by “going the extra mile” and looking for new ways to push business.

Beactive has been working to raise brand awareness around Suffolk and Norfolk, where it operates. Motability manager Shaun Green said that the company is going to ramp up its advertising campaign in the local area.

Green added: “This is our new first quarter for Motability so we’re doing presentations to the public and street advertising. Even going out into the street with the product and giving demonstrations. It’s about making people more aware.”

Both companies are finding they are selling more based on quality following Brexit, which they claim is making people more aware of what they spend their money on.

Freerider is looking to capitalise on this trend with the launch of the Mayfair 4 Deluxe scooter which is designed to last people longer than previous models. Beactive recently became the first distributor of the new Mayfair and Green says it has already attracted a lot of interest.

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