Fortuna Mobility becomes UK distributor for hands-free drinking device


London mobility supplier Fortuna Mobility will act as the main UK distributor for Drinkup21, a hands-free drinking system, following a partnership deal.

Drinkup21 is designed to dramatically improve the health of those as risk of dehydration, including elderly and disabled people.

It works on the same principle as a cup and drinking straw, but enables anyone who cannot lift a cup to drink without assistance, even if their arm function is completely lost.

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The product consists of a one litre bottle with a cap, a body (holder), a multi-positioning clamp and a flexible arm assembly, which holds the drinking tube in position.

It also includes a Consumables Parts Pack containing a drinking tube, bite valve (mouthpiece), elbow connector and a tube cleaning brush.

Fortuna Mobility said Drinkup21’s multi-positional clamp can be secured to beds, tables and wheelchairs, and is easiest to use when the flexible arm, drinking tube and bite valve are positioned horizontally at a similar height/level to the user’s head. However, research has shown that if it is positioned above the user’s mouth, gravity will reduce the effort required to take in fluid.

Elaine Ferguson, Mobility Services Manager of Fortuna Mobility, said: “Drinkup21 provides a simple solution to the serious issue of dehydration in the elderly and those living with disabilities. We’re all aware of the problems of enabling and encouraging drinking for these groups, so I’m very pleased that Fortuna is selling and distributing this product throughout the UK.

“We’re delighted to be supplying this important product and we look forward to introducing DrinkUp21 to other retailers, along with those working in the health and care professions.”

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