FormAlign promises support to UK dealer network as part of 2020 outlook


FormAlign has set out its New Year’s Resolution to welcome in the new decade, focused on its mobility dealer network.

In doing so, it has promised to support them across the United Kingdom to help them achieve their individual business goals, whether it be growth, profitability or market recognition.

In conversation with AMP, the company’s marketing manager, Hayley Woods, discussed the plans.

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FormAlign describes its offering as ‘healthcare equipment that offers durability and peace of mind.’ As can be taken from the company name, FormAlign offers Postural wheelchair, seating as well as positional products.

With 30 years of healthcare-industry experience behind it, the firm works closely with healthcare professionals, trust managers, and loan store personnel and has done for years in designing and distributing products to meet their demands.

Looking into the business ethos behind the business, FormAlign details how it has affiliated its solutions to focus on cost saving, durability and recycling while supporting the distribution network it works with, ‘cleverly designed and cost effective products for service users across the country.’

As the company moves into a new year, Woods explained how its focus would be on offering dynamic support to a mobility dealer network, distributors, wheelchair services and community loan stores throughout UK.

She goes on to detail how, like the dealer network up and down the country, the team at FormAlign knows how important it is to be consistent in delivering durable solutions on time.

In discussing the plans of what it will offer in 2020, Woods commited to the company’s support for the dealer network even further.

She said: “FormAlign are supporting dealers – whatever your business goals may be. Whether that will be growth, profitability or market recognition. Here at FormAlign all those attributes are at the core of our business partnerships.”

In conversation with Woods, AMP learned of how the FormAlign brand has been bred from working with professionals in the healthcare industry for over 40 years and, during 2016, it decided to combine its experience and professionalism with our desire to innovate, produce new solutions.

Out of this effort to improve the lives of millions of service users all over the UK, FormAlign was born.

Woods continued: “Our mobility and seating systems are leaders in the market. Time and again we have assisted in enabling the lives of service users and providing dealers with the best support and products that truly work, every time.”

In 2020 and beyond, FormAlign, as a brand, is keen to drive its ethos and business aim of being a trusted partner in seating and postural solutions for dealers across the United Kingdom and wants to be known as a go-to supplier for products customers can depend on.

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