Foldable wheelchair can be stored as hand luggage on-board planes


An Italian business founder and inventor has developed a foldable wheelchair that can be stored in overhead luggage compartments during flights.

Andrea Mocellin said the Revolve Air wheelchair is the first in the world that can be used as hand luggage in airplanes without any added difficulties.

“Revolve Air aims to give a total new independence to all active wheelchair users, who commute and travel every day,” said Andrea.

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“This means no more need to check in the wheelchair at the airport hours before the flight, with the risk of damage to the valuable and necessary chair. No more long waiting at the luggage delivery. No need to store the wheelchair in a large car trunk giving Revolve Air owners the freedom to drive small cars or take any taxis available.

“Plus less need of assistance along the journey for more independence and time to invest for what really matters: the freedom to travel light and efficiently. This is a real breakthrough that can have a liberating effect on those who need to use wheelchairs, in all of the best ways.”

The Revolve Air is designed to fit the standards of a universal cabin luggage size restriction,

saving up to 60% more space when folded, making it ideal for airplane trips and similar journeys.

The special foldable wheel design means the Revolve Air can also be easily stored on the passenger seat of a compact car.

Andrea said he is now seeking collaborators and investors in the project to bring the wheelchair to market.

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