FIRST LOOK: Drive unmasks Knight scooter in all its glory


Drive DeVilbiss has released full details of and a brand new video unmasking the Knight scooter which has now officially entered the folding scooter arena.

Fresh from the stables, Drive’s Knight ElectroFold was partly unveiled to the industry in February with a teaser video but the manufacturer has now provided a full specification of the product and a full video, which can be seen below.

The pre-launch of the folding scooter began several weeks ago and Drive said it received “an excellent response” from trade customers.

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Alan Sullivan, marketing manager, said that the original teaser campaign was developed to catch attention and spark interest but not to give too much away about the product itself.  

Drive has now revealed key features including automatic folding in 12 seconds, keyless ignition, digital LCD control panel, ‘Laser Drive Technology’ to provide a steering guide and bright LED lighting.

Sullivan said: “The new launch video is very different, displaying much more footage of the scooter and providing key information on its USPs.

“The fast pace of this new video has a totally new feel to that of the teaser. I was determined to develop another new style of video that would excite and engage the viewing audience.

“I’ve launched many scooters down the years and I’ve always tried to find new and different ways to catch our customers’ eye and gain their interest. I’m quietly confident this will.”

Some of the Knight’s other features include pneumatic tyres, lithium ion batteries, a large footprint, and two colour options: ‘knight black’ and ‘armour silver’.

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