Firm’s floor hoist makes bold claim in face of ceiling hoist competition


As ceiling track hoists advance and become an increasingly attractive solution for care operators and the home care market, suppliers of floor or crane hoists have to be even more proactive in their product development.

Further to this, floor hoists hold a vital place in the mobility market in areas where ceiling hoists are not a suitable solution and so remain an important asset for dealers. Sherwood Health Products is one of the industry companies leading the way in this field by bringing retailers a selection of versatile and easy-to-use solutions.

Weighing in at less than 19kg, its latest floor hoist, the Cambridge Portable Aluminium Hybrid Hoist, claims to be 20% lighter than its nearest direct competition. It is a three in one stand aid, hoist and gait trainer that has been engineered for optimum usability, versatility and portability.

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The manufacturer says the new hoist is suited to use in the home, especially in tight spaces such as bathrooms. It can also be used outside the home, for example to transfer a wheelchair user into the front or back seat of a car. Further afield, the hoist can also be taken on holidays and easily transported on a plane to then be used in hotel bedrooms.

Unique to Sherwood Health Products’ hoists is its SmartPAC control box. The Cambridge hybrid hoist is fitted with this device, which can record the hoist’s activities. It serves as a programmable diagnostic tool that aims to benefit the end-user and also provides data for service engineers. The full range of Sherwood’s Cambridge range can track, record and report key metrics including usage, maintenance, location and tolerances using the SmartPAC control box.

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