Financial growth to Ableworld Stairlifts continues, despite pandemic

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Ableworld Stairlifts has shown more signs of increased financial growth this year, despite the coronavirus pandemic and the issues that brings.

Ableworld has confirmed that it is “celebrating another great year”, and explained it will end up with another large increase on Stairlifts for their financial year, which comes to an end on August 31.

In announcing the news, the mobility retailer said it is “proud to have traded throughout the pandemic supporting the vulnerable.”

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The company’s managing director, Mike Williams said: “We have fantastic teams across the whole group and we intend to support them even more by expanding our Stairlift Department significantly over the coming weeks with personnel, marketing and head office systems – plus dramatically increasing our marketing budget to ensure we carry on with the planned increases.

“Presently most teams are very stretched with the increased workloads and with full diaries and I’m sure they will be grateful for more support in the field.”

Adding: “We have recently been trialling a new partner on the Digital Marketing side of the business with some great success and our plans for the coming year on this side of the business are very exciting.”

As with the “bricks and Mortar” side of the business, Ableworld went on to detail how it is pleased to be the leading retailer in the country and over the coming twelve months, intends to grow this part of the business by at least three to four new stores.

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