Finance presents barrier for assistive technology, claims Ottobock

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High price tags and complex technical terms present the biggest challenges to the mobility sector as it attempts to roll out assistive technology, claims Ottobock.

While other industries have been quick to respond to the ever-changing and fast-paced world of technology, the mobility sector has been somewhat cautious in its approach to incorporating new technologies into its arsenal due to a variety of obstacles.

According to Ottobock’s head of mobility solutions, Simon Tempest, communicating the new and complex technology to potential clients is often a roadblock.

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Tempest told Access and Mobility Professional: “I would say that the challenge comes in putting the technology into layman’s terms for everybody to understand. We know inside-out that a certain product or device could help a person to be more mobile and independent, but we need to make sure we are investing in education so that this is effectively communicated.”

While Tempest acknowledges the challenge, he also recognises that there is also a positive response from clients.

“It’s not difficult to convince people that change and innovation is a positive move, but finance is the real barrier,” he continued.

“Of course people want the technology, but finding the funding to afford the latest products on the market is challenging. We are lucky to work with mobility dealers who are skilled and knowledgeable about the market and are able to support customers not only about the product but also about funding options.”

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